$100 Million in Lottery Prizes Won on Jackpocket

Over $100,000,000 Won on Jackpocket!

Our top 10 winners were just the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s party! Drinks are on Jackpocket players because apparently all of you are rich now. To celebrate this collective milestone, we’re counting down the 10 players who won prizes worth $1,000,000 or more on Jackpocket. 

1. This NJ Lottery Player Quick Pick’d $9.4 Million!

She works in healthcare and still feels like she’s living a dream after winning the largest prize in mobile gaming history. Thanks for bringing us almost 10% of the way all by yourself, lucky lady!

2. Houston Player Won $2.15M with Texas Two Step

How did it feel to win over $2,000,000 from her phone? “Surprising, exciting. Loss for words. Unbelievable.” Other Jackpocket side effects include: vacations, early retirement, and sudden expensive taste.

3. NY Couple Wins a $1,000,000 Anniversary Prize

The secret to a loving, lasting marriage? A $1M Powerball win on your 34th anniversary will do the trick.

4. New Hampshire Player Wins $1M From Home

William M. of Hudson, New Hampshire won a million dollars playing his Powerball numbers from the garage.

5. $1M Cash4Life Win in New Jersey

This NJ player won playing their father’s numbers and is the second $1,000,000 winner in Jackpocket history!

6. $1M Powerball in Houston

A Houston player’s $1,000,000 Powerball prize on January 3 made her our first million-dollar winner of 2022 and Jackpocket’s second biggest winner in Texas so far!

7. Record-Breaking $1M Powerball in Minnesota

Concordia University junior Brandon Stevenson won a whopping $1 million on his Powerball ticket. At the time, a Jackpocket prize record!

8. Sleepwinning $1,000,000 in New Jersey

Sleepwinning is a lot like sleepwalking except you wake up a million dollars richer. Derrek of Essex County won an incredible $1 million Powerball prize using Jackpocket’s free Autoplay feature!

9. NJ Player Forgot Some Zeros

At first, this NJ player thought the “You Won Big” notification from Jackpocket said $1,000. But when she double-checked the app the next morning, she found out that her winning Mega Millions ticket was actually worth $1,000,000!

10. Your Name Here

Ok, we lied. There are actually just 9 Jackpocket players to crack $1,000,000 but, in our defense, 10 is a way better number for lists.

Why not make yourself the 10th millionaire on Jackpocket and go for that rising Powerball jackpot? We’ll reserve this spot for you!

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