first Jackpocket millionaire of 2022

Guess Who Got Crowned Jackpocket's 1st Millionaire of 2022?

Houston, we have a winner.

Ok Beyonce, please make way for the newest queen of H-Town. 

A Houston player’s $1,000,000 Powerball prize on January 3 makes her our first million-dollar winner of 2022 and Jackpocket’s second biggest winner in Texas (after last year’s $2.15M Two Step winner) to date! 

Before collecting her crown, this winner had been playing the lottery for years: “I play once or twice a week. I always do the Quick Pick.”

But she only recently learned about Jackpocket in the last year or so, “My younger brother told me about it. And lately I’ve been seeing it on TV.” 

Not long after that, she joined the royal ranks of just seven other players in Jackpocket history to hit a prize worth $1 million or more. 

Fun fact, Texas players have won over $31 million in lottery prizes to date using the app. Clearly, this ain’t your first rodeo.

On the day that changed her life forever, our player said, “I got a notification that evening but I didn’t see it because I was already in bed. In the morning, I checked it and I thought that I had won like $4 or $2. I kept scrolling down till I saw $1,000,000. I was in awe.”

They say good things come to those who deserve it, and this is definitely the case with our new Texas Millionairess. How does she plan to spend the first million-dollar win of 2022? “I have elderly parents that need to be taken care of, so I’m going to move them in with me so I can help take care of them.” 

Needless to say, Jackpocket players were touched by this winner's warm heart.

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