Cash4Life winner

Cash4Life Makes a New Jackpocket Millionaire

This player has their father's lucky lottery numbers to thank

Just like that, New Jersey has a newly-minted millionaire.

And, here at Jackpocket, we're celebrating the second $1,000,000 winner in our lottery app’s history. (Get our first millionaire’s story here.) 

Our New Jersey winner says they were in disbelief when Jackpocket notified them that they had won Cash4Life's second prize of $1,000 a week for life on January 3rd. The lump sum cash option? One. Million. Dollars.

“The notification first came over my phone as 'You Won Big,' so I just went to the regular New Jersey Lottery site to see what the numbers were and that’s when I had my stroke. I kept looking at them going 'No, this isn’t right.'”

They said they even cross-checked the winning numbers with their Cash4Life ticket scan, viewable right on the Jackpocket app. “It’s weird because you keep looking at the numbers and going ‘No, wake up, this isn’t happening.’"

But it was! Their Cash4Life ticket matched the white 5 white balls drawn, just missing the Cash Ball. They became Jackpocket’s biggest winner in NJ to date. 

This NJ player who unfortunately lost their job due to the global pandemic, has been playing on Jackpocket for almost a year, though they have been playing the lottery for basically their entire life. Their father was a lottery lover too.

“Those [winning Cash4Life] numbers were actually my father’s numbers. My father passed away, so I’ve been playing his numbers ever since.” 

A history-making winner only 3 days into 2021?? We can't wait to meet the other big winners this year will bring!

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