$200,000 Jersey Cash 5 Winner Sets Jackpocket App Record

Jerry C. is our biggest NJ winner to date and his win was predicted by a fortune cookie!

A construction consultant from Middlesex County, New Jersey got the best weekend surprise when he found out that he was a brand new Jersey Cash 5 JACKPOT winner. 

Around 11:30 that night, his phone beeped and lit up. A new text, email, and notification from Jackpocket all waited for him on his phone showing the same message – “You won big!” He called some family members to the couch and opened the email with them at this side to see the good news first-hand..

Not only did Jerry C. get an automatic notification from Jackpocket (natch), but our CEO couldn't resist giving him a congratulatory call the next morning.

"I never really played the lottery much before the Jackpocket app," Jerry said. "I love that I don't need to worry about checking my tickets. I've been telling my friends that the app is the best thing ever."

He told the NJ lottery that a fortune cookie had actually precicted his lottery windfall: "The fortune cookie called it two days early – 'You will win big.'"

The fortune cookie called it two days early – 'You will win big."

And just like that...Jerry is the biggest NJ winner in Jackpocket history! His win comes just three months after Jersey Cash 5 launched in the app, along with other New Jersey daily games. Here's to many more! 

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