NJ Woman wins $1,000,000 on Jackpocket

NJ Woman Thought She Won $1K on Jackpocket. She Really Won 1000x More.

Those three extras 0’s make a big difference

When this NJ player scanned the “You Won Big” notification from the Jackpocket lottery app late on a Friday night, she thought the prize amount was $1,000. 

But when she double-checked the app the next morning, she found out that her winning Mega Millions ticket was actually worth $1,000,000!

“I’m in complete shock,” she told us. “It was actually a million. A million!"

This lifelong New Jerseyan admitted she wasn’t even planning to order a ticket that day. But then she saw the Mega Millions jackpot had climbed to $325 million.

“Why not?” she thought. “I was sitting at my desk at work and thought ‘Oh Mega’s pretty high, let me go buy a ticket.'”

She ended up matching 5 out of 5 numbers in the January 14th drawing. 

With her winning Quick Pick ticket, Brenda’s lottery prize brings the total won by New Jerseyans on the Jackpocket app to over $30 million in prizes. 

That overall total includes a $9.4 million Pick-6 jackpot win (the biggest win in U.S. mobile gaming history, we might add!) and five individual Jersey Cash 5 jackpot wins. 

Our big winner says she has been playing the lottery for years. “My grandmother used to play when we were little kids. [My family] are all very happy for us. They've never known anyone to win so much."

How will this new millionaire spend all that dough? She has no firm plans at present, she said. But it sure feels good to have a nice, not-so-little nest egg for whatever the future holds.

“I’m going to continue working and doing what I’m doing. No big spending. I’m going to save it for retirement.”

P.S. Mega Millions is still on the rise! 

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