$652,643 Jersey Cash 5 Winner Ordered Their Ticket on Jackpocket

$650K Jersey Cash 5 Winner Hit the Grand Prize on First Try

Winning. It's a Jersey thing.

That feeling when you try a new lottery game for the first time...and you HIT THE JACKPOT.🤯 

Jackpocket’s $652,643 Jersey Cash 5 winner knows all about it. This born and bred New Jerseyan usually sticks to Powerball and Mega Millions. When he saw how high the September 12th jackpot had climbed, he decided to try Jersey Cash 5 for the first time.

He said he was thinking about his lottery-loving mom, who passed away in July. "I was playing for her."

When our player got a "Congrats, you Won Big!" email from Jackpocket, he said he checked and double-checked his ticket four times. Finally, he told his wife they had won 6-figures.

"I'll use the money to help out my family," he said.

The NJ winner is the latest Jackpocket player to hit the Jersey Cash 5 jackpot, but they aren't the first! We've now had 4 total Jersey Cash 5 jackpot wins like this one and this one on the app.

Is there a new-to-you lotto game that you've been meaning to try? There's plenty more beginner's luck to go around! 

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