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4 Reasons to Move Your Office Powerball Pool to the Jackpocket App

All the lotto fun. None of the hassle.

Why You Should Move Your Office Lottery Pool to the Jackpocket App

You’ve been running your office lottery pool all year. Is it time for a break?

If you like your lottery pool to be all fun and no hassle, here’s why you should move your office pool to the Jackpocket app.

Jackpocket is both a lottery AND a lottery pool app! You can order tickets for your favorite lottery games, plus access fun features like lottery pools.

1. Mo’ money, NO problems

Fact: Lottery pools are a fun way to get better odds.

And with Jackpocket’s Private Pools feature, the app takes care of everything for you — from ordering your tickets to distributing the payout if your pool has a winner. Just create a Private Pool group on Jackpocket, invite coworkers in your supported state to join, and presto. Your part is done!

2. No more waiting in line on your lunch break

Normally, lottery pool managers collect money from their coworkers and then buy lottery tickets for the pool at the store. But with the Jackpocket app, your pool members place their ticket orders right from their phones. The more tickets a user gets, the bigger their slice of the prize.

Ready to dive in? Download Jackpocket and start your lottery pool today.

3. In-app tools make your life easier

Jackpocket keeps track of who contributes what, so you don’t have to. Handy tools like our Prize Share Calculator and Activity Feed help you keep tabs on what the rest of the group is up to.

4. Enjoy the easiest payouts in lottery pool history

Jackpocket takes care of calculating the share for each group member and distributing the winnings. Smaller prizes (usually under $600 depending on your state) go straight into your Jackpocket account. You’ll never have to worry about tracking anyone down or *gasp* having to do math.

Go ahead. Be the Office Hero.

Start your office lottery pool on Jackpocket today! Just download the Jackpocket app to get started.

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