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Start Your Own Lottery Pool on Jackpocket

How to enjoy (and hopefully win!) the lottery with your own crew

Meet Private Pools, the way to take part in the lottery with just your friends, family, and coworkers on Jackpocket!

Start your private pool!

Join Lottery Forces with Your Own Crew

Join forces with your work friends, your gym friends, and your friend-friends in “invitation-only” pool groups on Jackpocket. Here’s why Private Pools is awesome.

1. Because Private Pool groups are invite-only.

While Jackpocket’s Public Pools are open to all Jackpocket users in your state, Private Pool groups can be as big (or as small) as you like. Invite all the VIPs in your life to assemble the dream team. (They just need to be in the same supported state as you).

2. The more tickets you contribute, the bigger your slice of the prize.

Want to see how many entries you need to get the biggest prize share? See your estimated slice before you contribute with our nifty Prize Sharing Calculator. And you can keep tabs on what High-Roller Harry is up to in your group’s Activity Feed.

Ready to dive in? Download Jackpocket and start your lottery pool today.

3. Enjoy the easiest payouts in lottery pool history.

Jackpocket takes care of calculating the share for each group member and distributing the prize winnings. No math. No work. All fun.

4. Plus: We’ve already had some BIG winners.

Meet the best friends in Greenville, Texas whose pool "Brothers" took home a $50,000 Powerball prize!


How Private Pools Works

1. Head over to the Pools section of the app, and select Private. You can join an existing group you’ve been invited to or start your own. Tap New Group to get started. (Side note: We’re  seeing some A+ group names. Right now we’re loving the genius that is “Retirement Plan.”)

2. Share your group code with friends so they can join too. Shout it across the cubicles. Tweet at your cousin in all caps. Or, just tap the Invite Members button to send an invitation to friends in your state.

3. Add some entries for the next Powerball or Mega Millions drawing. Anyone in your group can contribute as many tickets as they like to a drawing. (That is, up to their daily spend limit). Whatever floats your boat.

4. Get notified when you win! Each member who contributed entries to that drawing gets a share of the prize. Our Prize-Sharing Agreement lays out the Pool Rules beforehand and explains exactly what happens when your group has a winning ticket. (No sharks in THIS pool).

Ready for more? Just add entries for the next drawing to splash into the Pools action again.

Get Your Pool On

Grab some friends and dive in. Choose your adventure—Public or Private—in the Pools section of the Jackpocket app.  Check if Private Pools is available in your state here.

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