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Lottery Pools: What’s the Difference between a Private and Public Lotto Pool?

There are two ways to join lottery pools on Jackpocket

Want better odds? Of course you do. That’s why we created Jackpocket Pools, the way to team up in lottery pools for a better chance to win Mega Millions and Powerball prizes. There are two ways to play, Public Pools and Private Pools, in supported states

But first, what’s a lottery pool?

Lottery pools are a way to join lottery forces with others for a better odds. Members of the pool each contribute lottery tickets into a shared pot and agree to split the prize winnings if any of the tickets is a winner.

While equally awesome, Public and Private Pools are different experiences. You can beat the odds in our 5,000-member strong Public Pools. Or you can play with just your friends in Private Pools.

Beat the Odds in Public Pools

Why it’s awesome:

  • Play the lottery with thousands of Jackpocket players—friends and strangers, alike.
  • Everyone plays together in one massive pool. There’s a Powerball Pool and a Mega Millions Pool.
  • To join a pool drawing, players add 1 ticket each.
  • The winnings are always split evenly.
  • Join Public Pools in the Jackpocket app

Keep It VIP in Private Pools

Why it’s awesome:

  • Play the lottery with people you know IRL.
  • Own a private lottery group and invite whoever—friends, family, and coworkers.
  • Members of the lottery group can add as many ticket entries as they want.
  • The more entries you add, the bigger your personal payout.💰
  • Check out Private Pools in the Jackpocket app

Public vs Private Pools?

No matter how you play, Jackpocket does all the work for you. The app keeps track of who contributes what, splits the winnings accordingly, and sends your share of the prize directly to your Jackpocket account. Read more about pool winnings here. 

Luckily, you don’t have to choose! Join both in the Pools section of the Jackpocket app.

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