How Best Friends Won $50,000 with a Lottery Pool App

How Best Friends Won $50,000 with a Lottery Pool App

Watch Jackpocket’s Private Pool winners tell their story

What’s it like winning the lottery with your best friend?

Just ask Ronnie and Brandon, friends and coworkers of over 10 years from Greenville, Texas. Together they won $50,000 in their private lottery pool named “Brothers.”

VIDEO: Best Friends Win $50,000 in a Lottery Pool! A Jackpocket Story.

The duo started their pool on the Jackpocket lottery app back in April 2019 because they were tired of going to the store to get tickets for the pool. Brandon says, “Honestly, even if we’d win $4 or $8 dollars, we’d never even go and [claim] it.” “It’s a hassle,” Ronnie agrees.

A few weeks later, on May 15, the Brothers pool hit it big. Cue the confetti. 🎉

There was just one tiny problem. Brandon was on a cruise…and out of cell service. (Jackpocket automatically notifies users when they win via email.)

Ronnie says, “I kept calling and calling him. Texting and texting.” When Brandon’s ship finally docked, Brandon turned on his phone to find over 200 messages — and one epic picture of a winning Powerball ticket.

Watch Ronnie and Brandon tell the story.

Fun Facts

  1. Since Brandon and Ronnie each contributed one ticket each to the Powerball drawing, they split the winnings 50/50. (With Private Pools, the more tickets you contribute, the bigger your slice of the prize.)
  2. Ronnie won $20 on his very first Jackpocket order. (More proof that beginner’s luck might truly be a thing.)
  3. The members of the “Brothers” pool aren’t actually related.
  4. Now, everyone wants in on the lucky Brothers pool! But Ronnie and Brandon say they aren’t accepting new members. They’ve started a separate private pool on Jackpocket for that. 😉

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