How an Arkansas Mom Won $390,000 on Jackpocket

How an Arkansas Mom Won $390,000 on Jackpocket

"I'm still in shock," said S. Marshall of West Memphis, Arkansas. She won the Natural State Jackpot.

In the very first Sunday drawing for the Natural State Jackpot, a mom in West Memphis, Arkansas won the top prize on Jackpocket.

She claimed a staggering $390,000 jackpot! 

How She Won The Arkansas Lottery

So, how did this marvelous mom get lucky with the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery? With a combination of her sons' birthdays: 2, 11, 17, 20, and 24. 

Initially, S. Marshall thought she'd struck a modest $9 win. When the Jackpocket app showed the words "Big Winner," she did a double-take. Lo and behold, she'd hit the motherlode—a jaw-dropping $390,000!

"I'm still in shock," S. Marshall confessed. 

Her Winning Plans for Her Winnings

This newfound lottery luminary has got big plans in store. She told Jackpocket that a new home is on the horizon, along with a heartfelt desire to assist her family financially.

According to S. Marshall, the Natural State Jackpot is her new favorite game, and who can blame her? When you're walking away with nearly 400 grand in your pocket, it's hard not to develop a soft spot for the game played in Arkansas and won in Arkansas.

As for us, we'll be keeping our fingers crossed, because who knows? The next big winner could be just a lucky number away.

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