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How to Beat the Odds with Jackpocket Pools

Play together. Win big together.

For instant lottery fun, just add water.  Jackpocket Pools are here! Our lottery app feature lets you team up with other players to get better odds of hitting massive Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots. Swimmers take all!

Play the Lottery as a Team

With Public Pools, you play the lottery with fellow Jackpocket players in your supported state— friends, strangers, and Stan from accounting. Everyone adds their ticket to the pool and splits the spoils.

Because playing together is more fun. Marco Polo is better with a bigger crew. So is playing the lottery.

Increase your chance to win. Every time someone joins the pool, the odds of winning go up. Who doesn’t like better odds? Not to mention, the extra lottery tickets you didn’t have to buy. Our biggest Pools have cleared 30 THOUSAND players!

Cement your place in lottery lore. We have epic plans to set a world record. Imagine: the biggest lottery pool in the world winning the jackpot together. Wouldn’t you like to tell your grandkids, “Hey, I was a part of that! Now excuse me while I dip my dentures in frosting.”

How It Works

  1. It just takes 1 ticket to dive into our Olympic-sized Mega Millions or Powerball pool.
  2. You always stay anonymous. Only pool members can view the entries, but you can see how many people are in the pool at any time.
  3. After the drawing, see how much you won. Pool members share the dough equally! Our prize-sharing agreement keeps you safe and explains exactly what happens when you win.
  4. Ready for more? Simply add your ticket for the next drawing to splash into the Pools action again.

Invite Your Friends

Ask your friends to join the pool party. Tell your nemesis, too. And that weird guy.

So Get Started!

Just tap “Pools” in the Jackpocket app to jump in. It’s as easy as…CANNONBALL!

Ready to Play?

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