jackpocket lottery app players have Won $70 million in prizes to date

Jackpocket Lottery Players Take Home $70 Million

Are you one of our 700,000+ winners?

Jackpocket lottery players are on a winning streak. This month marks a grand total of $70 million in lottery prizes won on the Jackpocket app to date.

Read on for our favorite winner stories from the last few months featuring...lottery pools! First-time players! Jackpots! Oh my!

1. When the Powerball Pool had a $50,000 winner 

As one Jackpocket player noted on Twitter, our public pools for Powerball and Mega Millions have been on fire this month.

First, we had a $10,000 winner in the Mega Millions pool. Then, a $50,000 Powerball win!

The winning Powerball ticket was only one number off from hitting the $635 million jackpot on October 2. Split 11,000 ways, that would have been a tidy sum of about $50K per person. Next time, poolers!

2. When the Gopher Pool in Minnesota won $50,000

Another mighty pool win, this time by a private pool group in Minnesota. Steven, Todd, and Patrick who teamed up in the "Gopher Pool" will be splitting a $50,000 Powerball prize three ways. It just takes one ticket!

3. When a player hit the $650K Jersey Cash 5 jackpot on his first try

This long-time Powerball and Mega Millions player had never played Jersey Cash 5 before, but decided to give it a go when the jackpot climbed to $650K this September.

Spoiler alert: He won it all. 

“I checked my ticket 4 times,” he said. Get the full story here.

4. When an Ohio mom got to spoil her kids

Misty in Canton, Ohio won a $50,000 Pick 5 prize and told us one of her sons in particular was about to be very happy. Did someone say...PlayStation 5?

5. When a Texan hit the $225,000 Two Step jackpot

Proof that new players are just as lucky, Jamie in Texas was only a Jackpocket player for 3 days when he won the $225,000 jackpot. Just like that.

Congrats, winners! 

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