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7 Ways to Play the Arkansas Lottery on Jackpocket

Get tickets for Powerball, Mega Millions, NSJ, and so much more!

Have you heard the news? America's #1 lottery app has officially launched in Arkansas.

VIDEO: Jackpocket Lottery App Comes to Arkansas (KTHV-Little Rock)

Jackpocket gives lottery lovers an easy, secure way to order tickets for their favorite Arkansas lotto games from home or on the go. From Powerball to lottery pools, here are all the ways you can play the Arkansas lottery from your phone.

1. Play big jackpot games

Big jackpots = big excitement. Order tickets for Powerball, Mega Millions, Lucky for Life, Natural State Jackpot and LOTTO on Jackpocket.

2. Play your favorite daily games

Tip the odds more in your favor with these Arkansas daily games: Cash 3 and Cash 4.

3. Play in a lottery pool with your friends

You can pool lottery tickets with friends in Arkansas right in the app or play in Jackpocket’s massive Powerball and Mega Millions pools that are open to all our Arkasnas players.

4. Set it and forget it with Smart Order

Create a Smart Order to automatically enter drawings for the lottery games of your choice.

5. Play for Arkansas students

Lottery ticket sales in Arkansas go toward providing college scholarships for Arkansas students. That includes ticket orders you place on Jackpocket.

VIDEO: Learn how the Jackpocket lottery app works

6. Play responsibly

Jackpocket offers responsible play tools and resources to encourage healthy playing behavior. Tap “Play Responsibly” in the side menu of the app to check them out.

7. Play. To. Win.

Jackpocket players have won over $275 million in lottery prizes! That includes BIG Arkansas winners like the $2.338 million LOTTO winner in Sebastian County or the $522K Natural State Jackpot winner in Pine Bluff.

Prizes under $500 get automatically deposited into your account. You can send your winnings to a bank account or use ’em to play again. 

No matter how you play, Jackpocket’s digital process ensures you'll never forget to check your numbers and miss out on a win! Read some of our favorite winner stories on our featured Winners Wall.

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