Retired firefighter wins $150,000 Powerball prize

Retired Firefighter Made a Pact to Share $150,000 Powerball Prize with Family

And he’s made a pact with family to share the money!

A retired firefighter in San Antonio got a BIG surprise Saturday night when he won $150,000 using the Jackpocket app. 

Our player said he was sitting on the couch watching a movie when he got the urge to check his Powerball numbers. He headed to the Orders section of the app and started flipping through his tickets checking for winners.

“All of a sudden, I saw ‘BIG WINNER,’" he told us. "I’ve never seen that before since I started playing on your app! Then I clicked into the ticket and saw the amount.”

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His Quick Pick ticket matched 4 out of 5 regular numbers plus the Powerball to win $50,000 in the August 8 drawing. A 3x Power Play brought his winnings to a whopping $150,000.

Our player's numbers

3 14 40 47 51 and the Powerball 24

The winning numbers

2 3 14 40 51 and the Powerball 24

This long-time lottery player credits his win to a lucky feeling. “It’s funny because I bought some [Powerball tickets] the night before and then Saturday during the day I thought, well, you know what, I'm going to buy a couple more. That last ticket that I bought is the one that hit.”

Our Powerball winner has been using Jackpocket since April when his son first told him about the new lottery app on his son's phone. (You can invite friends to Jackpocket, too, right here). A retired firefighter who owns has a home-based business in custom leather, our player says Jackpocket has been a nice way to to stay entertained while social distancing. “I missed not being able to go to movies and restaurants...With Jackpocket, I could buy my lotto tickets and not even have to go to the store. It’s made it convenient.”

As for his plans for the money? He’s sharing the wealth! 

“My plan is to get the money, pay the taxes, see what’s left. The rest of it, I’ll share with the family. We all play and we have this agreement that if anyone hits big, we’re going to share with everybody.”

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