Win 4 Winner

Mother Uses Son’s Police Academy Numbers to win $50,000 Lottery Prize

Meet the biggest Jackpocket winner to date.

Lucky numbers are picked in many ways. For some of us, it’s a family members birthday, for others a favorite player’s jersey number or even a recent fortune cookie. And for one mother this week, it was her son’s police academy number that resulted in a $50,000 dollar Win 4 ticket prize!

The mother said she played the numbers earlier this week in honor of her son’s recent graduation from the NYC Police Academy, and plans to give him all of her winnings.

The $50,000 prize is the largest in Jackpocket history, shattering the previous biggest winner by a margin of $40,000! The entire Jackpocket team is thrilled to continue to see bigger and bigger winners on the app and share them with local hard working New Yorkers!

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