Ohio Man Wins $1,000,000 And Becomes Jackpocket's 30th Millionaire

Ohio Man Wins $1,000,000 and Becomes Jackpocket’s 30th Millionaire

Powerball for the win!

When this Jackpocket player moved all the way from Australia to Dayton, Ohio for work, the last thing he expected to do was win $1,000,000—but that's exactly what happened!

After ordering a $6 Powerball ticket on his phone with Jackpocket (in his sleep!), he couldn't believe his eyes when he received a "you won big!" winner notification on his phone. 

"I was scrolling through emails just doing a bit of work, and then I saw a pop-up to check the app," the winner recalled. "I saw '$1 million' in the message and had to read it a few times." 

He picked numbers that were special to him and his wife, and his winning ticket matched all five regular numbers drawn (17, 24, 48, 62, 68) in the July 5th drawing for $546M, only missing the red Powerball (23). We asked him how it felt to score seven-figures:

“To be honest, there was not lots of shouting or hoorays or anything like that, just more of a case of letting it sink in...It's still a bit surreal.”

He and his wife were excited to play the Ohio lottery while living in the U.S., where Powerball and Mega Millions have soared past $1 billion three times in the last year.

“We just figured that while we’re here for a few short years, we might as well get a few tickets and see what happens,” he said. “We feel very lucky.”

30 Jackpocket Millionaires

We're pretty familiar with million-dollar wins—this Ohio local is our 30th to date! His ginormous win also brings the total of lottery prizes scored on Jackpocket up to $300,000,000. Next stop, half a BILLION!

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