NJ Pick-6 game changes 2022
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Game Updates to NJ's Pick-6

Hereโ€™s everything you need to know about the new ticket price, XTRA, and more.

The NJ Lottery just announced changes to their popular Pick-6 game and we’re here to fill you in. Read on to learn what’s new!

What’s changing about NJ Pick-6?

Here's what's changing as of April 5th:

1. XTRA is now automatic.

This is the good news. Adding the XTRA multiplier used to cost another $1 but now, thanks to this update, your ticket will get a random multiplier for no extra cost. If you match three or more of the Pick-6 numbers, you could multiply your prize by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 times!

2. The price per play will increase from $1 to $2.

Don’t shoot the messenger! But the NJ Lottery has a very good reason for the increase (see #1).

3. Bye bye numbers 47, 48, or 49.

Sorry if these were your lucky ones. :-(  After this update, your new NJ Pick-6 numbers will have to be between 1 to 46.

A new $1 add-on feature called "Double Play" will also be introduced. While it won’t be available on Jackpocket right away, it is an option when playing Pick-6 at a lottery retailer. 

Why is NJ Lottery making these changes?

The New Jersey Lottery said, "The changes to New Jersey’s original big jackpot game will now offer players better odds with easier to win jackpots for just $2." Sound pretty good to us! 

What does this mean for Jackpocket players?

All Jackpocket players trying their luck with NJ Pick-6 can expect the increased ticket price and automatic multiplier. If you have an Autoplay set with the numbers 47, 48, or 49, you’ll need to update your Autoplay to fit the new game rules. Learn more here.

When will these changes happen?

The new Pick-6 rules will be in effect after the April 4th evening drawing. Good luck and Pick-6 like a winner!

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