Milestone Achieved ⚡️

Over $2,000,000 won so far in 2019!

Here’s a lucky number for you… 2.

As in the 2 MILLION dollars won by Jackpocket players so far in 2019.

Congrats to all our winners! And with over 1,200 winners every night, there are a lot of you. ? Let’s look back at some of your recent big wins.

1. Ronnie and Brandon won a $50,000 Powerball prize with their private pool “Brothers.”

Ronnie and Brandon are aircraft mechanics from Greenville, Texas and have been friends for over ten years. Now, thanks to their private pool, they’re also splitting a giant Powerball prize 50/50.

2. Chris hit the Northstar Cash jackpot.

According to Chris from Plymouth, Minnesota, “I always believed I would win someday.” Chris and Alexandra plan to use their $153,253 windfall to pay off their student loans.

3. Yadira won a $50,000 prize with some lucky fortune cookie numbers.

There’s a sweet story behind how Yadira in Fort Worth chose her winning Powerball numbers. “One of my dearest cousins sent me a beautiful phrase from a fortune cookie,” she explains. “And I’ve been playing the numbers ever since.”

So let’s hear it for all the winners!

Big winners. Small winners. Today we celebrate you all.

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