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25 Lottery Pool Names Our Team Loves

Your naming skills are on point ⚡️

It’s no secret that we love lottery pools. With Jackpocket, you can pool lottery tickets with friends right in the app or participate in our massive Powerball and Mega Millions pools that are open to all our users.

You guys have created over 5,000 private lottery pools so far! And when it comes to naming them, you're not messing around. Here are a few of our favorites.👏

Best Office Pool Names

Sounds like you all are really hoping to change your group name to “Retired.”

  1. Let’s Win And Get The Heck Out Of Here
  2. Lotto Nurses
  3. The CTEAM Peace Out Plan
  4. Tired Of Working Team🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. #FridayLunch

Best Family Pool Names

Cause the family that lotteries together, vacations on their private island together.

  1. Cousins And Broskis
  2. Forever Little Granny Luck
  3. Family First
  4. Pool With My Favorite Uncle
  5. Mr. & Mrs. Miserable Millionaires💰💵

Best Pool Names Featuring Furry Friends

Animals, animals everywhere.

  1. Lucky Ducklings 🦆💰
  2. Eagles Nest
  3. Silver Foxes
  4. Peace Love & Dogs ✌❤️🐶
  5. 4 🐴men Millionaire's Club

Best Neighborhood Pools

It takes a village to win the Powerball.

  1. Cul De Sac
  2. H-Town Hustlers
  3. Saint Paul Lotto
  4. Lucky Lindenites
  5. Future Millionaires Of New Jersey

Pools Names That Made Us 🤣

These lottery pools are already winning in our book.

  1. Team Hotdog
  2. You Win Some You Booze Some
  3. Precious Heli-Pad Fund
  4. No Pee In The Pool
  5. Extra Side Of Chipotle Guac Money

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