Journey of a Million Dollar Lottery Winner

How a college student won the largest prize ever using a lottery courier service

Did you catch us in the latest issue of PGRI Public Gaming International Magazine? Probably not (and we don’t blame you!), unless you’re in the gaming biz. “Journey of a Million Dollar Lottery Winner” features Brandon, the Jackpocket player who won $1 million on his Powerball ticket back in July.

When Brandon Stevenson, a 20-year-old football player in St. Paul, Minnesota called to say ‘Mom, I’m a millionaire!’ her reaction was a bit skeptical after learning Brandon had ordered his ticket using a new mobile lottery app called Jackpocket. ‘Is this real?’ she replied.

Ultimately, it was real. Brandon received his check and became the first person ever to win a million dollars or more with a lottery courier service, marking a milestone for the courier service industry.

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Jackpocket featured in PGRI Magazine

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