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What It’s Like To Play the Oregon Lottery on Jackpocket

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Play Oregon lotto games from home? Yes, please!

Jackpocket offers players a secure, easy way to order lottery tickets right from your phone. Here’s what it’s like to play the Oregon lottery on an app.

1. Stay in and win

Get lottery tickets for all your favorite games without leaving the house. Jackpocket supports Mega Millions, Powerball, Pick 4, and Oregon's Game Megabucks.

VIDEO: Learn how the Jackpocket lottery app works

2. Play your way

Pick your own lucky numbers or go random with a Quick Pick. Add lottery multipliers, too!

3. Keep tabs on your your lotto tickets

After Jackpocket fulfills your ticket from a licensed Oregon lottery retailer, we send a front-and-back scan to the app. 

You also get a confirmation email with your ticket serial number as your assurance that your ticket was purchased. You can view all your orders, past and upcoming, in the app.  Read about our approach to safety and security here.

3. Never miss out on a lottery prize

Jackpocket checks OR lottery results and automatically notifies you when you win.

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4. Claim prizes right from the app

Prizes $600 and under (the threshold amount in Oregon) get automatically deposited into your account. For wins over $600, we arrange to have your ticket securely transferred to you so you can claim your prize from the Oregon Lottery.

The best part? You keep 100% of your winnings.

5. We make lottery pools easy

Start your own lottery pool with family and friends in Oregon or join one of Jackpocket’s public lottery pools open to all our players in Oregon for a better chance to win. We handle everything—from managing your tickets to calculating everyone's slice of the payout. 

6. You can even Smart Order

Our Smart Order feature is key if you’re always forgetting to get your lottery tickets. Just choose the game you never want to miss, and we’ll automatically order your lottery tickets right on time for each drawing.  

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