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Jackpocket Celebrates Inaugural Lottery Week

The first-ever “Lottery Week” is officially here!

The first-ever “Lottery Week” is officially here! Launched by NASPL, the industry’s trade organization, Lottery Week recognizes the important role lotteries play in their jurisdictions by raising revenue for good causes. NASPL currently represents 52 lotteries across North America, and we’re proud to be a NASPL Associate Member.

To close out the week, we want to say a BIG thank you to all our players. For every lottery ticket sold, schools, parks, and other great programs in your state reap the rewards. That includes orders placed in the Jackpocket app!

Where the Money Goes

Jackpocket is proud to help lotteries drive sales, which in turn benefits important state programs like public education, natural resources, wildlife, veterans’ assistance and more. Players can feel good knowing a portion of their ticket is earmarked by their respective state lottery for these beneficiary programs.

Check the Jackpocket app to learn how programs in your state benefit from sales.
  • Jackpocket launched in Texas in 2019, where 25.5% of tickets benefits the Foundation School Fund, a state beneficiary supporting public education.
  • The Minnesota Lottery helps fund a variety of programs, with about a quarter of ticket sales benefiting the Environment & Natural Resources Trust, Game & Fish Fund, Natural Resources Fund, problem gambling prevention and treatment, and more.
  • Twenty-five percent of lotto sales is earmarked by New Hampshire Lottery for public education.

To date, Jackpocket players have contributed nearly $2.3 million toward programs in these states! Doesn’t that just give you all the feels?

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