biggest lottery win in each state
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Biggest Lottery Win in Every State

Here's who won the largest lottery payout in your state. Because records are made to be broken.

What's the biggest lottery win in your state?

Wonder no more! Here's a state-by-state list of the biggest lottery prize wins in the United States. This list counts the biggest prizes won on a single lottery ticket (no sharing!) in each state.

State Prize Game Get the Story
Arizona $410M Mega Millions The first Mega Millions win in the state is also the biggest jackpot win ever in Arizona.
Arkansas $177M Mega Millions This jackpot was won on April Fools Day...but this lottery prize is no joke.
California $2.04B Powerball The biggest jackpot in history!
Colorado $133M Powerball CO woman finally wins the jackpot after playing her numbers for 30 years.
Connecticut $254.2M Powerball Three wealth management co-workers won on 1 Quick Pick ticket.
Delaware $121M Powerball Won by a group of 33 co-workers from a DE printing company.
Florida $1.58B Mega Millions This ultra lucky winner securing the largest win in the game's history.
Georgia $648M Mega Millions "It's like I'm still dreaming."
Idaho $220.3M Powerball A pick-your-own numbers victory in Idaho.
Illinois $1.337B Mega Millions "It's the largest lottery prize every won in Illinois..."
Indiana $536M Mega Millions This Hoosier bought their winning ticket on the way to their child's sports game.
Iowa $343.9M Powerball This single-mom nearly lost her ticket after dropping it on the floor of her sister's truck.
Kansas $218.6M Mega Millions The winner said they were looking forward to early retirement.
Kentucky $128.6M Powerball All of Kentucky's top jackpot winners won on Powerball.
Louisiana $191M Powerball A 3-member family partnership took home the prize.
Maine $1.348B Mega Millions Maine won its first Mega Millions jackpot on a Friday the 13th.
Maryland $731.1M Powerball An anonymous group, known as "The Power Pack," said they would use the money to invest in their community.
Massachusetts $758.7M Powerball A hospital worker opted for the lump sum.
Michigan $1.05B Mega Millions A lottery club bought their winning ticket at a local Kroger. 
Minnesota $229M Powerball "He is retired as of 14 or 15 hours ago," the winner's wife said.
Mississippi $524K Match 5 This is the biggest prize since MS lottery began selling tickets in 2019.
Missouri $192.4M Powerball "I think we'll have a good Christmas."
Montana $48.5M Powerball "Mostly I've just got to let it sink in and let it feel real."
Nebraska $365M Powerball Eight ham processing plant co-workers became instant millionaires.
New Hampshire $559.7M Powerball "My client doesn't want any accolades, she doesn't want any credit. She just wants to do good things."
New Jersey $533M Mega Millions The winner said he's only played Mega Millions twice in his life. 
New Mexico $206.9M Powerball A group of friends chipped in for the winning ticket.
New York $432M Mega Millions The biggest Big Apple win was sold at Pronto Pizza.
North Carolina $344.6M Powerball Numbers from a fortune cookie are responsible for this winner's good fortune.
North Dakota $3M Mega Millions Two $3 million Mega Millions prizes are tied for biggest wins in ND.
Ohio $372M Mega Millions A record December lottery win set the stage for a very Happy Holiday.
Oklahoma $105.8M Powerball "Basically I just broke down and cried."
Oregon $340M Powerball Lottery gold won in an old Oregon Gold Rush town.
Pennsylvania $516M Mega Millions "This is life-changing generational money."
Puerto Rico $127M Powerball This prize marks the first winning Powerball jackpot ticket ever sold outside the continental U.S.
Rhode Island $336.4M Powerball "We are truly blessed."
South Carolina $1.537B Mega Millions "I can't even count that number."
South Dakota $232.1M Powerball South Dakota's very own Powerball jackpot won in Pierre.
Tennessee $420.9M Powerball "Everyone was screaming — just the joy!"
Texas $360M Mega Millions Someone in San Angelo matched all six number drawn & chose the cash option as the time of purchase. 
U.S. Virgin Islands $2M Powerball A St. Croix resident won by matching 5 numbers. 
Vermont $366.7 Powerball Also the one and only Powerball jackpot won by VT.
Virginia $239M Mega Millions "Sweetheart, we got the numbers."
Washington $754.6M Powerball The winner could opt for the annuity option or a one-time cash payment of $407.2 million.
Washington, D.C.  $144M Powerball An 82-year-old lifelong resident took home the jackpot.
West Virginia $314.9M Powerball The drawing took place on Christmas Day.
Wisconsin $768.4M Powerball "I just had that lucky feeling."
Wyoming $5M Mega Millions The biggest lottery win in Wyoming was sold in Evanston.

*No state lottery

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