everyday heroes

13 Everyday Heroes Who Deserve All the Applause

Nominated by YOU.

Think of the special person in your life. The person who makes you feel like a winner every. single. day.

We asked Jackpocketeers to share their stories for our My Everyday Hero Sweepstakes. The prize? Recognition and glory for the everyday heroes in your life and a chance to win $200 in Jackpocket lotto credits. Get ready to be inspired.

Kicking things off with the winning entry! 

1. These incredible parents who are “earth angels:”

2. The surgeon who helped his patient walk again:

3. This sister and nurse who donates her time to those in need:

4. This mom who would move mountains:

5.  This role model Dad (who also knows good lottery odds when he sees them):

6. This devoted significant other who understands the importance of Valentine’s Day:

7. This literal soulmate:

8. This STRONG mom and breast cancer survivor:

9. This significant other who is always a shoulder to lean on:

10. This high school sweetheart:

11. This husband who modeled true bravery for his kids:

12. The fearless nurse who felt called to serve during COVID:

13. And last but not least, this ultra supportive mom:

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