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Texas, Oregon: We've Got New Lottery Games for You

By popular demand...

Let's get right to it. Two new games launched this week on Jackpocket: Cash 5 in Texas and Oregon’s Game Megabucks. 😲

Why are these games special? Both offer a free Quick Pick ticket as one of the prizes! Our players have been clamoring for these games, and we’re so excited that we can finally say, “COME AND GET ‘EM!”

Cash 5 (Texas Lottery)

  • $25,000 jackpot

  • 1 in 7.2 odds of winning any prize

  • All prizes are paid in one-lump sum…top prize too!

  • Draws 6 times a week: Monday—Saturday

Oregon’s Game Megabucks

  • Jackpots start at $1,000,000

  • 1 in 25 odds of winning any prize

  • Just $1 to play

  • Draws 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

Play the Oregon or Texas Lottery now and unlock the door to a world of possibilities. Grab your ticket!

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