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Where Lottery Money Goes in Every U.S. State

Lotto winners aren't the only ones who cash in. So do important state causes.

In New York State alone, 2020 lottery ticket sales totaled nearly $10 billion. So, where does lottery money go if it doesn’t all go into the prizes? You can feel good knowing that lottery revenues by state fund worthy causes in 47 states nationwide. 

While 50-60% of lottery funds end up in winners’ pockets in the form of lottery prizes, the leftover revenue is used in different ways. A portion of the proceeds go to state-funded programs such as public education, veterans services, the environment and other important causes, including the state’s general fund (a minimum of 30%). That includes tickets ordered via the Jackpocket lottery app! Check the bottom of the Home screen any time to learn how programs in your state are impacted. 

Participating retailers may receive a small commission on ticket sales (varies by state), and an even smaller percentage is allocated to admin fees associated with running the games (less than 5%). 

Who benefits from the lottery? A state-by-state guide.

Where do lottery proceeds go? Each state chooses how to best use the money they raise through lottery ticket sales. Are there any common themes between the states? Yes! Common themes include education, the great outdoors, veterans, crime prevention and other public services (variable by state). 

Let’s take a closer look at each state and the beneficiaries they support.

Arizona Lottery

  • Heritage Fund

  • Commerce Authority Arizona Competes Fund

  • Mass Transit

  • Healthy Arizona

  • State of Arizona General Fund

  • Court Appointed Special Advocate Fund (Unclaimed prizes)

  • Homeless Shelters

  • Dept of Gaming

  • University Bond Fund

  • Internet Crimes Against Children Victims

  • Tribal College Dual Enrollment Program

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

  • Educational Trust Fund

California Lottery

  • Education

Colorado Lottery 

  • Division of Parks and Wildlife

  • Conservation Trust Fund

  • Great Outdoors Colorado Trust Fund

  • School Fund

Connecticut Lottery

  • General Fund (to benefit education, roads, health and hospitals, public safety, etc.)

Delaware Lottery 

  • General Fund

  • Health & Social Services-Problem Gambler Programs

DC Lottery

  • General Fund

Florida Lottery

  • Education Enhancement Trust Fund

Georgia Lottery

  • Lottery for Education Account

Idaho Lottery

  • Public Schools (K-12)

  • Public Buildings

Illinois Lottery

  • Illinois Common School Fund (K-12)

  • Illinois Veterans Assistance Fund

  • Ticket For The Cure Fund

  • Quality of Life Endowment Fund

  • Multiple Sclerosis Research Fund

  • Special Olympics Fund

Indiana Lottery

  • Build Indiana Fund

  • Teachers Pension Fund

  • Police & Firefighters Pension Fund

Iowa Lottery

  • General Fund

  • Veterans Trust Fund

Kansas Lottery

  • Transfers to the State

Kentucky Lottery

  • Post-Secondary & College Scholarships

  • Literacy Programs & Early Childhood Reading

Louisiana Lottery

  • Transfers to State

  • Problem Gambling

Maine Lottery

  • General Fund

  • Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund

Maryland Lottery

  • Maryland General Fund - Lottery Profit

  • Baltimore City Schools - Lottery Profit

  • Maryland Stadium Authority - Lottery Profit

  • Education Trust Fund - VLT and Table Game Proceeds

  • Local Impact Grants - VLT Proceeds

  • Horse Racing Industry - VLT Proceeds

  • Small, Minority, and Women-Owned Businesses - VLT Proceeds

  • Responsible Gaming - VLT and Table Game Assessments

Massachusetts Lottery

  • Cities and Towns

  • Arts Council

  • General Fund

  • Compulsive Gamblers

Michigan Lottery

  • Education (K-12)

  • Health and Human Services

  • General Fund

Minnesota Lottery

  • General Fund

  • Environmental and Natural Resources Trust Fund

  • Game & Fish Fund

  • Natural Resources Fund

  • Compulsive Gambling

Missouri Lottery

  • Public Education in Missouri


  • State of Montana General Fund


  • Compulsive Gamblers Assistance Fund

  • Education Innovation Fund

  • Environmental Trust Fund

  • State Fair Support & Improvement Fund

  • Nebraska Opportunity Grant Fund

New Hampshire

  • Education

New Jersey

  • Education and Institutions

New Mexico

  • Lottery Tuition Fund

New York

  • Education

North Carolina

  • Education

  • Alcohol Law Enforcement

  • NC Problem Gambling

North Dakota

  • Compulsive Gambling Fund

  • State General Fund

  • Drug Task Force


  • Education


  • Education

  • Mental Health


  • Economic Development

  • Public Education

  • Parks and Natural Resource Programs

  • Gambling Addiction Prevention & Treatment Programs

Rhode Island

  • General Fund

South Carolina

  • Education Lottery Fund

South Dakota

  • General Fund

  • Capital Construction Fund

  • Grant to Human Services


  • Lottery for Education Account

  • After School Program


  • Foundation School Fund

  • Multicategorical Teaching Hospital

  • Texas Veterans Commission (Veterans Assistance Fund)


  • Education Fund


  • Direct aid to Public Education K-12

Washington's Lottery

  • Washington Opportunity Pathways Account

  • King County Stadium and Exhibition Center (Qwest Field)

  • Economic Devel. Strategic Reserve

  • Problem Gambling

  • General Fund

West Virginia

  • Education

  • Senior Citizens

  • Tourism

  • Other


  • Public Benefit - Total Available for Property Tax Relief


  • Wyoming Cities, Town, and Counties

Making a difference in your community

When you play the lottery in your state, not only are you getting to enjoy the thrill of the game, but you’re also supporting causes that are important to your state. Your lottery tickets contribute to vital community services such as educating children, helping people experiencing homelessness, veterans or parks and recreation.  

Every time you play the lottery online or in the store, your ticket is helping to fund essential local programs, and that’s a win for your state! While each state distributes where lottery money goes a little differently, rest assured that every ticket played is making a difference.  

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