Ohio Parents Put $200,000 Powerball Win Towards Greece Getaway

Ohio Parents of 2 Put $200,000 Powerball Win Towards Greece Getaway

“A lot of people are gonna be using the app now because I've been telling everybody!”

Zandro and Lisa S just scored a whopping $200,000 playing Powerball on Jackpocket!

These Ohio parents of two plan to help their daughter in medical school, take care of some bills, and of course, treat themselves to a Greece getaway (as all Powerball winners should!)

They had only been Jackpocketeers for about seven months before they hit this big win...

“The last time we played was when Powerball was almost at $2 billion. But otherwise we don't normally play."

But when then Powerball prize started to catch their eye, they went for it with the handy-dandy Quick Pick on Jackpocket.

“The reason why I downloaded Jackpocket is I don't know how to play the lottery. Numbers, Powerball, multiplier - I have no clue. So I just use your app and Quick Pick the numbers for me.”

We asked the lucky couple about the moment they won:

Zandro: “I got an email saying I was a winner. I thought it was spam at first. It’s like, 'okay, there’s no way I would win.'

Lisa: “The next morning I got a text, 'call me ASAP.' So, I’m nervous. He told me, “We won $200,000!” And of course I was like, 'You’re lying.' I was so shocked."

Of course, we had to know what they planned to do with their win. With a big family, big wins are usually a balancing act. Lisa told us how they plan to spend their Powerball score:

“Yeah, we're traveling people but we were taking it easy with our daughter in med school. And our youngest is in college too, so we were taking it a little bit easy. I'm taking this as a sign that we're supposed to continue traveling...so we decided we're gonna go to Greece.”

Congratulations to this well-deserving Ohio family! 

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