Lotto Texas now draws 3 times a week
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Lotto Texas Moves to 3 Days a Week

1, 2, 3 times to win.

Texas, you’re in luck. As of August 23, 2021, Lotto Texas now draws 3 days a week. You just got an extra chance to win BIG Texas lottery jackpots, starting at 5 million! 

So what exactly is changing?

Before August 23, 2021, Lotto Texas had drawings twice a week on Wednesdays and Friday at 11:12 PM ET.

Now, Lotto Texas draws Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11:12 PM ET. 

In fact, Mondays are shaping up to be better than ever. Powerball is also moving to a schedule of three weekly drawings on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, starting August 23rd.

What does this mean for Jackpocket players?

More chances to win! If you have an Autoplay set for Lotto Texas, it will automatically enter you in all 3 drawings a week, no changes necessary. 

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