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How to Play Lotto Texas

Played in Texas. Won in Texas.

Learn how to play Lotto Texas, the Lone Star State’s original jackpot game. Then grab your ticket in the Jackpocket lottery app. A buck and some luck is all you need.

In a Nutshell

Lotto Texas is a draw game only available in Texas.

Cost: $1 (add $1 for “Extra!”)

Jackpot: Rolling jackpots start at $5 million

Drawings: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 10:12 PM CT 

Overall odds of winning prize: 1 in 71.1

Overall odds of winning prize with Extra!: 1 in 7.9

Biggest Lotto Texas jackpot in history: $145 million (June 2004)

Last Lotto Texas jackpot won: The last Lotto Texas jackpot was won on April 22, 2023 ($95 million).

How to Play

Select 6 numbers from 1–54 and then wait for your drawing! You can pick your own numbers or Quick Pick

Lotto Texas is similar to other jackpot games like Mega Millions and Powerball. The more numbers you match, the more you win.

Lotto Texas Prizes

There are four ways to win a Lotto Texas prize. If you match 3 of the 6 numbers, you win $3, the games’s lowest prize. If you match 4 of the 6 numbers, you win $50.

As for the top prizes, matching 5 of the 6 numbers wins you $2,000 and a perfect 6 for 6 wins you the jackpot of $5,000,000 plus!

Match Win Odds of Winning
6 numbers Jackpot* 1 in 25,827,165
5 numbers $2,000** 1 in 89,678
4 numbers $50** 1 in 1,526
3 numbers $3 (Guaranteed) 1 in 75

*The jackpot prize will be divded equally if there are multiple winners.

**Estimated prize amount. Actual prize amount will vary depending on the total sales for each drawing and the number of winners.

Win a Little Extra...With Lotto Texas Extra!

Extra! is a $1 add-on to your ticket for a chance to increase your prize winnings.

For example, if you match 3 of the 6 numbers, you now win $10, matching 4 of the 6 wins you $100 and 5 of the 6 wins you $10,000. The “Extra!” option does not apply to jackpot winners.

Match Win
6 numbers N/A
5 numbers base game prize + $10,000
4 numbers base game prize + $100
3 numbers base game prize + $10
2 numbers $2 (Guaranteed)

Lotto Texas Drawings

Winning numbers are drawn on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:12 PM CT.

Lotto Texas Winners

Jackpocket lottery users are notified automatically if you win! Receive prizes up to $599 instantly. If you win $600 or more, we arrange to have the ticket securely delivered to you so that you can claim your prize from the state lottery.

If you bought your Lotto Texas ticket in person, prizes up to $599 are redeemable from any Texas lottery retailer. Prizes up to $2.5 million can be claimed:

  1. At the closest claim center near you

  2. Directly from the Lottery Commission located in Austin

  3. Online (You can fill out a claim online and have your prize mailed to you.)

  4. Winnings over $2.5 million must be claimed at the Texas Lottery Commission in Austin.

That’s all you need to know to start playing Lotto Texas! Play now in the Jackpocket app.

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