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HoliStay! Jackpocket Makes New Company Holiday to Unplug

A midweek pick-me-up for the WFH grind

What's a HoliStay, you ask? It's Jackpocket's brand-new company holiday dedicated to taking a mental break.

This Wednesday, May 20th, Jackpocket employees are encouraged to silence those notifications, unplug from their phones and computers, and spend time on things other than work.

(Not to worry! Lottery orders will continue as usual and, as always, our Customer Support team is standing by if you need them.)

Our company HoliStay comes during Mental Health Awareness Month (not to mention smackdab in the time of corona) and is meant to shake up our current WFH routines

As Nicole Gendusa, our Office & Culture Manager, puts it, “We wanted to make sure we are being proactive. These times can bring out a lot of new emotions and challenges and can cause burnout. We want to make sure our team is getting the TLC they need to be successful.”

Why May 20th?

Because taking a random day off in the middle of the week is fun. Jackpocket specifically chose Wednesday as opposed to tacking the holiday onto the weekend so that employees can break up their typical workweeks. 

Having a mid-week break will hopefully be a great way for our team to reset and relax. What ways are you finding to unwind? We hope you’re making time for yourself, too!

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