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How We Do WFH

Take a peek at some work-from-home realness

This post is a little like peeking into someone's medicine cabinet at a party. Our team is so grateful to have the ability to work from home right now (not to mention Slack and Zoom for keeping us connected), but it's definitely been an adjustment. And with our varying roles and square footages (thanks, NYC!), WFH looks a little different for each of us.

From the home office to the makeshift desk to the, er, piano bench, here's how Jackpocketeers are carving out work areas at home and getting stuff done.

Peter Sullivan, CEO

pete's home desk 
Soup's on! Here's how the boss does it.

Zack Lang, Channel Marketing Manager

Business in the front, ping pong in the back 😎

Patrick Hanna, Retail Operations Manager

Who needs natural light when you've got THIS monitor?

Eric Parker, VP, Lottery Operations

TV as a second monitor might be the move.

Leo Shemesh, CTO

leo's desk
Room with a view. Yes, that is a piano bench.

Nicole Gendusa, Office & Culture Manager

Workin' some magic with an Ipad plus Sidecar

Fela Johnson, QA Tester

This should probably be in a magazine, right?

Sean Siuda, VP, Finance

Keeping family close and furry co-workers closer

Andrew Fries, VP, External Affairs

No stand-up desk? No problem. 

Tom Murray, Creative Director

Design with a dash of dog (Hi, Maybelle!)

Zack Levin, Marketing & Customer Support Coordinator

zack's desk
Making. It. Work.

Pia Aliperti, Director of Content

Pried her laptop away long enough to write this post

How are you doing? What does your work station at home look like? We'd love to see! 

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