Your Guide to Playing FANTASY 5
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How to Play Florida's FANTASY 5

Your guide to playing the Florida Lottery's FANTASY 5 game.

Curious about how to play FANTASY 5 in Florida?

We'll walk you through the basics of the Florida Lottery's FANTASY 5 game and share some fun ways to enjoy playing. So buckle up, and let's discover a new world of prizes and lottery possibilities! 

Understanding Florida’s FANTASY 5 

Cost: $1.00

Top Prize: $100,000

Drawings: Daily at approximately 1:05 PM, ET and 11:15 PM, ET.

Overall odds of winning any prize: 1 in 7.58

FANTASY 5 is a simple and straightforward game. There are two daily drawings: midday and evening. There's also a chance to win instant cash with EZmatch (for just $1 extra). Match the five winning numbers drawn and you win the FANTASY 5 top prize! Match two, three, or four of the winning numbers to win other cash prizes or a free Quick Pick ticket.

FANTASY 5 Prize Perk: If no one wins the top prize, it "rolls down" to the 4-of-5 and 3-of-5 prize levels! So, you don’t necessarily have to match all five numbers to win the top prize!

How to Play FANTASY 5

Choose five numbers from 1–36. You can Quick Pick or choose your own lucky numbers. Five out of 36 numbers will be drawn at random. 

The game is called FANTASY 5 because the prize rules are seriously dreamy: If there is no top prize winner, the money in the top prize pool rollllllls down and is shared equally among winners in the 4-of-5 prize level (with a maximum prize of $555 per winner). If the available rolldown exceeds the $555 per winner maximum in the 4-of-5 prize level, the excess funds in the prize pool rolls down and are shared equally among the winners in the 3-of-5 prize level. Pretty sweet, right?

FANTASY 5 Prizes & Odds

There are 4 ways to win a FANTASY 5 prize:




5 numbers


1 in 376,992

4 numbers


1 in 2,432.21

3 numbers


1 in 81.07

2 numbers

Free Ticket

1 in 8.39

*Estimated prize for a single top prize winner. In the event of multiple top prize winners, the top prize is shared based on how many tickets were sold and the number of winners for the same draw. All cash prizes are not determined until the game is closed.

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Increase the Fun Factor

Playing FANTASY 5 is anything but boring. Here are some tips to add even more fun✨:

  1. Play with Friends: Invite your friends, family members or colleagues to form a lottery pool
  2. Mix and Match: Experiment with a combination of both your own chosen numbers and Quick Picks. This way, you can have a blend of personal choice and random chance.
  3. Explore Number Patterns: Look for interesting number patterns or combinations that have personal significance to you. It could be dates of special occasions, favorite numbers or even your favorite athlete's jersey number. Choose whatever gives you good vibes. 
  4. Celebrate Small Wins: Hey, a win is a win. Even if you don't match all five, celebrate and appreciate any small wins you get along the way. The more the merrier!
  5. Share Your Stories: Connect with other lotto lovers, exchange tips and hear inspiring stories. Meet real Jackpocket lottery winners.


What’s EZmatch?

Choose EZmatch when you order your Fantasy 5 ticket for a chance to win instant cash. The overall odds of winning an EZmatch prize are 1 in 4.71 with the odds of winning the top prize of $500 being 1 in 84,000.

What are the odds of winning FANTASY 5?

The overall odds of winning any prize in FANTASY 5 are 1 in 7.58. The odds of winning the grand prize are one in 336,792.

What happens if there’s no winner?

If no one matches all five numbers, the top prize rolls down to the next prize level. It is shared equally among the participants who matched four out of five numbers. There is a maximum prize of $555 per winner. If the available prize exceeds the maximum amount per winner, then the prize continues to roll down to players who matched three out of five numbers. 

That's FANTASY 5

Thanks for reading all about this exciting Florida Lottery game! Want to learn more about the other games available in Florida? Check out the Florida Lottery results page here.

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