how to claim a lottery prize by mail
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How to Claim a Lottery Prize from Home

A state-by-state guide to claiming prizes by mail

Did you know you can use your state lottery's "claim by mail" option to claim lotto prizes without leaving the house?

The beauty of the Jackpocket lottery app is that you can play from home and win from home. But what about claiming those lotto winnings from home?

When Jackpocket players win the threshold amount in their state or below, Jackpocket automatically credits their account for the full amount. For wins above the threshold amount, we securely transfer the physical ticket to you so that you can claim your prize from your state lottery.

And for those bigger wins? Enter: claim by mail.

Check below to find the policies and forms for all of Jackpocket's supported states. You can also scroll to the bottom of the page to get a link to the policy for EVERY state lottery in the U.S. Things are changing quickly, so always double-check information on your state lottery's website. Let's dive in!

New York

Claim-by-mail policy: Winning tickets for all amounts may be mailed to New York Lottery in Schenectady to claim. For prizes $601, you'll need to fill out the back of the ticket as well as a Claim Form. Don't forget to make a copy (front and back!) for your records. According the website, "We recommend you use registered mail to track your mailing. Please be sure to include a return address."

Mailing address:

New York Lottery

PO Box 7533

Schenectady, NY 12301-7533

More good stuff to know:  Get more prize info on the New York Lottery website, here. 

New Jersey

Claim-by-mail policy: Sign your winning ticket(s) and follow the instructions on NJ's Winner Claim Form.  According to the website, "The New Jersey Lottery suggests making copies of your Claim Form and the front and back of the winning ticket(s)."

Mailing address:

New Jersey Lottery
Attn: Validations
P.O. Box 041
Trenton, NJ 08525-0041

More good stuff to know: The NJ Lottery has also extended the expiration date of tickets that would normally expire between March 19, 2020 and April 17, 2020. You have 30 extra days to claim your prize—and there may be more extensions to come.

Get more prize info on the New Jersey Lottery website, here.


Claim-by-mail policy: Prizes up to $5 million can be claimed by mail in Texas. The ticket must be signed, your envelope should be postmarked on or prior to the claim expiration date, and it should be mailed with a completed Texas Lottery Winner Claim Form to the Texas Lottery Commission.

Mailing address:

Texas Lottery Commission
ATTN: Austin Claim Center
PO Box 16600
Austin, TX 78761-6600

More good stuff to know: Get more prize info on the Texas Lottery website, here.


Claim-by-mail policy: Prizes up $50,000 can be claimed by mailing your winning ticket and a completed claim form to the Minnesota State Lottery. Their website also offers this rec: “We recommend keeping a copy of the front and back of your ticket for your records and that you use registered mail.”

Mailing address:

Minnesota State Lottery
P.O. Box 131000
Roseville, MN 55113

More good stuff to know: Get more prize info on the Minnesota Lottery website, here. 


Claim-by-mail policy: Mail a completed Colorado Lottery Prize Claim Form plus your signed winning ticket to the Colorado Lottery. Plus: the CO Lottery also setting up a touch-free, drive-through claims office in Pueblo for winning tickets over $10,000. Winners should call 1-800-999-2959 to set up appointments.

Mailing address: 

Colorado Lottery
Pueblo, CO 81002

More good stuff to know: Colorado's governor temporarily extended the 180-day timeframe to claim tickets, so you can hold onto your ticket and claim your prize down the road.

Get more prize info on the Colorado Lottery website, here.

New Hampshire

Claim-by-mail policy: Fill out the back of the winning ticket with your name, address, telephone number, and signature. Next, complete a New Hampshire Lottery Claim Form. You'll need to mail the following the NH Lottery Headquarters:

  1. claim form
  2. your winning lottery ticket(s)
  3. a copy of photo identification
  4. a copy of acceptable form of proof of Social Security Number

More info on acceptable forms of proof here

Mailing address:

Attn: Claims, New Hampshire Lottery Headquarters
14 Integra Drive
Concord, NH 03301

More good stuff to know: "We recommend that you mail your information via 'Certified Mail,' which provides proof your information was mailed and proof your information was received."

Get more prize info on the New Hampshire Lottery website, here.

Washington, DC

Claim-by-mail policy: You can claim winning tickets up to $5,000 by mail. Sign and fill out the information on the back of the winning ticket and mail it to the DC Lottery along with a completed winner claim form, a photocopy of your ID (driver’s license, state-issued ID or passport), and a photocopy of your Social Security card.

The DC Lottery website says, “Players seeking to claim prizes over $5,000 should contact the Prize Center at 202-645-8000 for additional guidance.” 

Mailing address:

DC Lottery Prize Center
2235 Shannon Place, SE
Washington, DC 20020

More good stuff to know: Get more prize info on the DC Lottery website, here.


Claim-by-mail policy: Prizes up to $50,000 can be claimed by mail. Sign your winning ticket and fill out the information on the back. Mail your winning ticket plus a completed Winner Claim Form to the mailing address below. 

Their website adds, “If you’re lucky enough to have an even bigger win [than $50,000], you’ll need to make an appointment to come to the Oregon Lottery office in Salem. Call 503-540-1000 for assistance.”

Mailing address:

Oregon Lottery
PO BOX 14515
Salem OR 97309

More good stuff to know: Get more prize info on the Oregon Lottery website, here


Claim-by-mail policy: Winning tickets can either be mailed to the Ohio Lottery (prizes $600 and up) or claimed via an Online Claim Form (any amount).

Mailing address:

The Ohio Lottery Commission
The Lausche Building – Room 452
615 West Superior Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113

More good stuff to know: Get more prize info on the Ohio Lottery website, here.


Claim-by-mail policy: You'll need to mail the following to the Arkansas Lottery Claim Center in Little Rock.

  1. signed ticket
  2. completed Claim Form
  3. a copy of photo identification 

Mailing address:

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Claim Center
P.O. Box 3838
Little Rock, AR 72203

More good stuff to know: Get more prize info on the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery website, here.

More State Policies

In case you're reading this in a state that Jackpocket doesn't support (yet!), here's the link to your state lottery website for easy access. Good luck!

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