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Meet the Team

Dispatch from Minnesota During the Polar Vortex

The phrase “colder than Mars” has been thrown around.

Our dedicated Jackpocket team members in Minnesota bundled up and braved the elements today to process lottery ticket orders. As for those of us enjoying a balmy 32 degrees in NYC, we wanted to understand…

What does “feels like” -40 degrees mean? How cold is that really?

The answer from our Minnesota crew: absurdly cold.


Like, jeans can stand up by themselves cold.

Photographic evidence submitted by the Jackpocket team in MN

Like, the U.S. Postal Service isn’t delivering mail cold.

Stay safe out there, folks! And if you’re still mulling over your Powerball numbers for tonight, may we suggest the number of days ‘till spring? For the record, that would be 48.

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