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6 Things Colorado Lottery Fans Need to Know About Jackpocket

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Ready to play, Colorado? Our lottery app just made its official debut West of the Rockies. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about playing the Colorado lottery on Jackpocket.

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1. No more running out to get lottery tickets

With Jackpocket, you have an easy, secure way to order tickets for your favorite Colorado lotto games. Right from your smartphone.

2. Which games, you ask?

We currently support Powerball, Mega Millions, Lucky for Life, plus Colorado's own Cash 5 and Pick 3.

3. We’ve got lottery pools, too

You can pool lottery tickets with Colorado friends right in the app or play in Jackpocket's massive Powerball and Mega Millions pools that are open to all our CO players.

4. Play Colorado lottery games, and give back to Colorado

Revenue from Colorado lottery ticket sales goes toward education and preserving and protecting Colorado’s parks, trails, and open spaces. That includes orders you place through Jackpocket. 👌

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5. People really win

Jackpocket players have already won over $6 million in lottery prizes. And our automatic winner alerts mean you never forget to check your numbers or miss out on a prize.

6. You keep 100% of your winnings

Prizes $599 and under (the threshold amount in Colorado) get automatically deposited into your account. You can send your winnings to a bank account or use ‘em to play again.

For wins $599 or more, we arrange to have your ticket securely delivered so you can claim your prize from the Colorado State Lottery.

Ready to Play?

Choose your lucky numbers (or Quick Pick), place your order, sit back and relax! We’ll send a scan of your ticket to the app so you don’t have to worry about losing it, and we’ll notify you if you’re a winner.

Jackpocket is also available in Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Texas, and Washington DC. Now, it’s Colorado’s turn to join in the fun.

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