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4 Times Autoplay Saved the Day

A nifty little app feature that helps Jackpocket players win BIG

With Autoplay, you can set it, forget it, and win it! One of Jackpocket players' favorite features, Autoplay makes your lottery life easy by never forgetting to pick up your tickets and automatically playing your lucky numbers. 

These four Jackpocket players scored big thanks to the lotto-lifesaving power of Autoplay. Read on to hear how this feature could make your day, too. 

1. $1,000,000 Auto-Win in New Jersey

At first, Derrek couldn’t believe he won because he actually forgot he had Autoplay on! Thankfully, he did the first step of the Autoplay 1-2-3 and ‘Set it’ before he forgot to play, otherwise he would have missed out on this major win. Get the full story.

2. A Cool $20K While Away

Thanks to Autoplay, John didn’t have to remember when the next Cash Five drawing was. He set his lucky numbers (the grandkids' birthdays), went to visit his daughter in Arizona, and then hit the $20,000 Cash Five jackpot! 

3. $100,000 Powerball Win in New Jersey

Not one to pass up the chance to win, this New Jersey player set his Autoplay to kick-in with 3 Quick Pick plays any time the Powerball jackpot passed $30 million. This trick landed him $100,000 without even looking. 

4. Autoplay Jackpot in New Jersey

Matching 5 of 5 numbers is hard enough, this Jersey player made it easier with Autoplay. Without keeping an eye on the clock or rushing around for a ticket, he became the 6th Jackpocket player to hit a Jersey Cash 5 jackpot.

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There are plenty of ways to score with Autoplay. Read more about how to automate your luck and start winning in your sleep!

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