$50,000 Powerball Quick Pick on Jackpocket

NY Dog Lover Scores $50,000 on Jackpocket

“It’s for real. OMG I won $50,000!"

“I [ordered] a $10 Powerball Quick Pick on August 31, 2022—not thinking of anything big, just a couple of hundred dollars would help me."

This NY lottery fan won a $50,000 Powerball prize in the middle of a very tough year for her family.

"I’ve been [using] Jackpocket on and off for the past year. I was dealing with medical issues with my father which put him into the hospital about 2 hours from where I live...In my heart I knew I needed to be with my Dad to get him though this very difficult time.

The winner had no clue a casual Powerball Quick Pick would later score her waaay more.

“I woke up in the middle of the night to a text message and email that both said ‘Congratulations BIG WINNER!!!’—I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I went running down the stairs to wake my husband. He looked at it and said ‘don’t open links, it's a scam.’ I said ‘No, it’s for real. I ordered my ticket last night and OMG I won $50,000!’” 

“I just couldn’t believe I won that much. I guess God and my Mom were definitely looking over us that night. And thank you to Jackpocket for picking out some winning numbers for us.”

We'll take credit for getting the ticket, but those numbers are all up to luck!

And she has big plans for even bigger prizes. "I’m still trying to hit the really BIG one because I have so many people I want to help and just about every SPCA I can think of! They need our help! And yes, you can hold me to it…I get tickets every day now with hopes I win!”

Congratulations, keep up the good luck! 

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