$25,000 for life winner on Jackpocket

Jackpocket Lotto Player in Colorado is Feelin' Lucky for Life

A second prize win that pays out FOR LIFE

If you’ve never played the Colorado lottery game Lucky for Life, here’s a little secret for ya. First prize is $1,000 a day for life. But second prize is pretty amazing, too! Just ask lotto player Helen of Colorado Springs who will be taking home $25,000 a year for LIFE thanks to her winning ticket on Jackpocket.

Helen matched 5 out of 5 regular numbers (just missing the gold Lucky Ball) in the Lucky for Life drawing on Thursday, May 17, 2021. 

Our player's Quick Pick numbers:

18 29 32 40 44 and Lucky Ball 16

The winning numbers:

18 29 32 40 44 and Lucky Ball 2

After Helen won big, she couldn’t sleep! She knew Jackpocket would be reaching out soon to congratulate her and arrange to securely transfer the ticket and ended up staying up all night. 

“This changes our lives and our family’s lives,” she said.

Mega Millions and Powerball are this player’s usual games of choice, but Helen, who works in tech, says she started getting into Lucky for Life once she began fantasizing about what she could do with that top prize of $1k a day. (For life.)

Helen says she had won $1 the day before and made a joke to her husband, “We’re rich!” So when she got notified about her BIG Lucky for Life win, she screamed it again, "WE'RE RICH!"

Helen says she plans to “pay off debt. Re-do my house. Help my sisters out. Keep some for the future.” She joins the 17 other players in her home state who have ever won Lucky for Life's second prize. So far, no Colorodans have taken home top prize. 

What would you do with an extra $25K a year? Play Lucky for Life now on Jackpocket. Curious about what it’s like to be a Jackpocket winner? Here’s exactly what happens if you win on the Jackpocket app!

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