$50K Powerball winner on Jackpocket

Yadira Wins $50,000 in Fort Worth!

The fortune cookie strikes again.

Texas Two Step is usually the game of choice for Jackpocket’s latest big winner. Luckily, Yadira decided to add Powerball to the mix!

Congratulations to Yadira from Fort Worth, Texas! She took home a $50,000 Powerball prize after her ticket matched 4 out of 5 regular numbers, plus the Powerball for the June 22 drawing.

Yadira chose her numbers with care. “One of my dearest cousins sent me a beautiful phrase from a fortune cookie,” she explains. “And I’ve been playing the numbers ever since.”

Jackpocket’s Autoplay feature made it easy for Yadira to play those lucky numbers week after week. She says, “I love your app. Thanks to it, I win because I don’t usually stop to buy tickets.”

Yadira’s lucky numbers:

3 6 11 14 50 and the Powerball 21

The winning Powerball numbers:

3 6 11 14 66 and the Powerball 21

Yadira’s parting words? “Jackpocket, you are geniuses.” Hey, we’ll take it! Congrats, Yadira!

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