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During Women’s History Month, Meet The Team Behind the Jackpocket App

Help us celebrate!

March is Women’s History Month (and contains International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8), dedicated to the contributions of women to history, culture, and society. This year we’d like to recognize and hear from seven of the incredible women on Team Jackpocket. Join us in celebrating the women at who make our company great. 

Nicole Gendusa, Human Resources Manager

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As our Human Resources Manager, Nicole views her role as the cheerleader of our company.  "I spend each day supporting and advocating for our employees, while making sure to amplify their voices through strategic and proactive HR practices."

(And advocate for us, she does! Nicole is the mastermind behind such gems as No Meeting Thursdays, surprise snack deliveries to the team while we work from home, Headspace and Talkpace app memberships, and more. )

Nicole has been at Jackpocket for 2 years and says the best part of the job has been the opportunity to work collaboratively across so many different teams. "Each day is different, exciting, and a learning experience!"

"I love to learn more about what my teammates are up to. I love when the engineers present what they have been working on at Friday Wins; they always take the time to explain what their coding creates and it's absolutely fascinating to me!"

By the way, does Nicole seem vaguely familiar? 🤔

"I once appeared in a JetBlue commercial after randomly being cast at JFK airport!"

Paige Dorne, Operations Manager

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Paige has been BUSY. After all, she oversees operations for Ohio and Arkansas, plus a soon-to-be new state that we can't reveal just yet! "My favorite part about my job is getting to manage and develop some great teams. Then seeing those teams become independent and absolutely crush goals."

Paige shared a memorable learning moment from her 2 years at Jackpocket. "While I was awaiting the launch of operations in Ohio I had the chance to help out our Customer Support team. Through working with them I was able to get a much deeper understanding of our product as well as the opportunity to meet so many other folks in different departments that I would rarely have interacted with otherwise."

Fun fact about Paige: she is an Operations Manager by day, drummer by night. "I've been playing drums for over 15 years of my life!" 🥁

Kat Alejandro, Junior Developer

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Kat kicked off her career in software development as an intern at Jackpocket! She was quickly promoted to a full-time position. As a Junior Developer, Kat says, she loves that every day is "the opportunity to engage with something new." She says, "I primarily work in Ruby on Rails and there's this nifty technology we use called 'Active Record' or AR for short. One of the coolest features of AR is that it allows me to communicate with the database without writing in a language called SQL. The best part is, I had the chance to mentor my coworker on and show them how the Rails console worked and how to make AR queries. It was exciting to be able to understand it well enough to teach it to someone else."

Work isn’t all “work” either. “I get excited talking about snacks and kitchen experiments in our #food Slack channel. I really miss going to the office because I loved being around my team and going on different food adventures during lunch." 

That's not to say WFH is without it's own adventures. "I recently picked skateboarding back up, I hadn’t done it since high school. I think skating is like coding, anyone can learn and you're never too old to jump back into it." 🛹⠀

Paula Vaillant, Operations Associate

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As a ticket processor, Paula is one of the humans behind-the-scenes of our app making sure your lottery orders get processed. In her 4 months at Jackpocket, which includes that $1 BILLION Mega Millions drawing in January, she's learned "just how many people play the lottery! Astronomical at times!" Best part of the job? "My co-workers!"

So, how did Paula get into the lottery biz? She says she is working toward a very noble cause—her two daughters and their college education. "I promised to pay for both my daughters' undergraduate degrees." 🎓

Rachel Kellett, Customer Support Associate

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St. Patrick's Day hits a little differently for Rachel Kellett on Team Jackpocket. Our Customer Support Associate says, "I used to be a competitive Irish dancer! That being said, St. Patrick's Day is my favorite holiday." 🍀⁣⁣
Rachel is one month on the job, but what a month! "The best part of my job is getting to talk with so many users! I love hearing about their experience with the app, what they love, and what they want to see from us in the future. I also love the team I work with and how motivated everyone is to create the best experience possible for users."⁣⁣

⁣What does a typical day look like for Rachel? "On the Customer Support team, I usually spend my day on my computer. However, one day I got to work at one of our processing centers and experience what it is like to act as the courier to help buy and process lottery tickets! Learning how that process works helped me better understand the flow of the app and what our users are seeing on their end."⁣⁣ 🙌

Sara Miller, Operations Supervisor

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Not all heroes wear capes. Senior Ticket Processor Sara Miller wants you to know, "When printer toner explodes it goes everywhere. Like, everywhere." 😂 As a human behind-the-scenes of our lottery app, Sara makes sure your ticket orders are processed in time for your favorite drawings. ("None of my friends or family understand what I do still," she admits.)

Basically, once a Jackpocket user places their ticket order, Sara is part of the operations team that fulfills the order on their behalf and sends a high resolution scan to the app for easy viewing.⁣

With 7 months on the job, Sara says she loves "learning new things every day and growing with the company."

Taylor Conti, Senior CRM Manager

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Jackpocket's first MULTI-millionaire might just have Taylor Conti to thank. "The Texas Two Step lottery game had a record high jackpot of $2.15 million recently and one of the push notifications I sent out resulted in a win!" ⁣

As our Senior CRM Manager, Taylor makes sure our users know all about big jackpots, new features, and recent winners. "I love to AB test marketing copy and creative to find out what type of messaging resonates best with people. Clicking 'send' and watching the data roll out in real-time will never get old." 📈⁣

Outside of the office, you can find Taylor chasin' waterfalls and incredible views. "When I'm not in front of a computer writing emails, I prefer to be outdoors hiking to the top of mountains and taking photos of waterfalls." 🏔⁣

Thank you to Nicole, Paige, Kat, Paula, Rachel, Sara and Taylor for sharing what it's like working at Jackpocket! Come join our crew! View all open positions and apply today. 

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