Eva won $570 on Jackpocket

“I Won $570 Using My Aunt’s Birthday…”

1-0-8 for the win.

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People say smell is closely linked with memory. 

For Eva, the scent-triggered memory of a beloved aunt led directly to a lottery win.

“I won $570 last week using my aunt’s birthday, which is 1/08."

Eva explained, "She passed way. My son called me and said, ‘Hey Mom, I keep smelling Velma.’"

Because the scent reminded him of Aunt Velma, Eva said her son suggested, "You know what, let’s [order a ticket using] her number."

So that's what she did in the next Numbers drawing.

“I hit it straight and box."

"I'm going to take about $25 of it and use the numbers again and then rest of it I'm going to pay off some bills. It really came in handy." 

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