play Ohio Lottery games on Jackpocket app

Play Ohio Lottery games on Jackpocket

Oh hi, Ohio 👏

Things you can do with the Jackpocket lottery app? Play your favorite Ohio Lottery games, join lottery pools with other players, and get the latest winning numbers. Right from your phone. 

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Ohio Lottery Games on Jackpocket

We support Mega Millions, Powerball, and Lucky for Life, plus local games like Pick 3. Here's the full list of Ohio Lottery games available on Jackpocket:

  • Mega Millions

  • Powerball

  • Lucky for Life

  • Rolling Cash 5

  • Pick 3

  • Pick 4

  • Pick 5

How Jackpocket Works in Ohio

Choose your lucky numbers (or Quick Pick), place your order, sit back and relax! We’ll send a scan of your ticket to the app along with an email confirmation, and we’ll notify you if you’re a winner.

Prizes $599 and under (the threshold amount in Ohio) get automatically deposited into your account. For wins more than $599, we arrange to have your ticket securely transferred to you so you can claim your prize from the Ohio Lottery.

Want better odds? Join our lottery pools.

You can pool lottery tickets with friends right in the app or play in Jackpocket’s massive Powerball and Mega Millions pools that are open to players across multiple states. 

Ohio Lottery Winners on Jackpocket

Jackpocket players have won over $70 million in lotto prizes to date. That includes Ohio mom Misty, who told us she was going to spoil her kids with her $50,000 Pick 5 win. 

We can’t wait to meet our next big Ohio winner. Get Jackpocket now, and let's start winning.

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