New Jersey Grandmother Wins $1,000,000 Powerball Prize

$1M Lottery Winner Is Taking Her 10 Grandkids to Disney World

"I didn't believe it at first."

This 50-year-old grandmother of ten is the freshest millionaire of New Jersey! She just won $1 MILLION on Jackpocket, and all it took was a $2 Powerball ticket and few lucky taps on her phone.

The news of her win came at 3 a.m., when she woke up and saw our winner email. At first glance, she didn't think it was real. But after a double take, she realized she really was a BIG winner!

Of course, she couldn't go back to sleep. She paced around until around 7 a.m., when she finally called her friend to tell her the news.

“I didn’t believe it at first. But when I realized it was for real, I was pretty happy!”

Her Quick Pick ticket matched all five numbers drawn on April 15, 2023:

1 33 34 56 59

Just missing the red Powerball number.

She “had a feeling to play” before she ordered her tickets and ended up winning BIG!

How does this grandmother of ten plan to ball-out as a newly minted millionaire? She told us she plans to spend the bulk of the winnings on her grandchildren, including the youngest who is turning two next month. Sounds like vacations and trips to Disney are in their future! 

This winner is one of nine New Jersey-specific players to win over a million dollars on Jackpocket, and our 28th millionaire to date.

Congratulations to this lucky lady and all her fortunate grandchildren! 

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