NJ Grandfather’s $1 Million Lottery Win

NJ Grandfather’s $1 Million Lottery Win “Hasn’t Really Set In Yet”

The generous grandparents plan to share their big Powerball prize with kids and grandkids.

A 78-year-old New Jersey grandfather recently spent $10 on Powerball tickets. One was a BIG winner.

“It hasn’t really set in yet,” said Joseph W. who won $1,000,000 in the Wednesday, December 13th Powerball drawing.

His Quick Pick ticket, ordered on Jackpocket, matched 5 of 5 regular numbers and was just one number off from matching the red Powerball.

If it had, Joseph would have won a $500 million jackpot.

Joseph's Powerball numbers:

3 8 41 56 64 and Powerball 17

The winning numbers:

3 8 41 56 64 and Powerball 18

Sharing with family

Joseph and his wife will share the winnings with their kids and grandkids, including a set of twins with a recent birthday.

Joseph told Jackpocket staff that he first discovered the app in 2020 during the pandemic and has been using it for lottery tickets ever since.

This generous grandad is one of 13 New Jersey lottery players to win over a million dollars on Jackpocket. Across all our states, we’ve had 38 millionaires to date!

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