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Meet the Team

Meet the Cats and Dogs of Jackpocket

Have a pawsome #NationalPetDay!

It's National Pet Day, so this one goes out to all the furry friends out there keeping us sane. (Feathered, slimy, and/or spiky friends, too! 🐟 🦔)

For many of us, pets are pulling double duty right now as our best pals AND our cutest co-workers. (Honestly, some days they're more like our overlords). Example A:

☝️P.S. This entire Twitter thread is a gem.

So today we’re celebrating the dogs and cats of Jackpocket. And wishing cuddly companions everywhere a well-deserved day of extra treats and snuggles.

1. Bean 

Paige's "supervisor"

2. Jax 

Patrick's new boss

3. Daisy 

Zack's break buddy

4. Parsley & Dill

Parsley and Dill
Polina's kitten cuties

5. Maybelle

Tom's sidekick

6. Jack 

Kevin's little helper

7. Cooper

Leo's lil shadow

8. Casino & Mia 

Casino and Mia
Val's pals

9.  Lil

Pia's grouchy goddess 

10. Violet & Dakota

Violet and Dakota
John's partners-in-crime

11. Nami

Matt's nap buddy

12. Ellie

Meisha's (stuffed) animal companion 

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