Luckiest Mega Millions Numbers in 2022
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Luckiest Mega Millions Numbers in 2022

These Mega Millions numbers are the luckiest of the year. Try 'em out on that $1,280,000,000 prize!

Jackpocket lottery app took a look back at the winning-est Mega Millions numbers from January through July to put together this list of the most commonly drawn lottery numbers in 2022. 

Turns out the 7 has some serious lottery luck (no surprise there). The numbers 7, 11, 24, 25, and 17 were all most common winners in 2022! 

Check out Jackpocket's luckiest lottery numbers infographic below. And if you win with any of these, remember to mail us our cut of the prize (kidding)! 

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So, there you have it, folks! The most-drawn Mega Millions numbers in 2022 have been 7 and 11. The most drawn Mega Ball? 24, 25, and 17.

Plus: Quick Pick, for the $3,000,000 win.

This New York Jackpocket Player’s Quick Pick matched 5 of 5 white numbers drawn in the July 22 Mega Millions drawing, only missing the gold Mega Ball. And the 3X multiplier ended up making their mega win even more mega! 

Mega Millions Just Broke $1 BILLION.

Now that the grand prize is back in history-making territory, plenty of Jackpocket regulars and brand new players are getting their Mega Millions tickets on Jackpocket. Go get lucky!

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