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5 Jackpocket Features You Might Not Know About

Make these power moves and never look back.

Gather round, lottery fans. We’re about to let you in on some features that even the most diehard Jackpocket users may not be aware of.

Here are 5 ways to get super customized with your lottery numbers on Jackpocket.

1. Shake your moneymaker.

Secret feature alert! Go to your favorite game and tap “Pick Your Own Numbers.”

Pick your own numbers

Next, shake your phone. The app will generate a set of Quick Pick numbers for you. Try it right now. We’ll wait.

2. Replace a number you don’t like with a number you do.

Tap the random pick symbol ๐Ÿ”€ in the upper right corner of your screen. Get rid of a number by clicking on it in the grid. Then choose a new number to replace it.

Tap ? to generate a set of random numbers.

3. If there’s a number you really love, lock it in.

Tap and hold the number you love at the top of the screen until the lock icon ๐Ÿ”’appears. Success! Now when you tap the Random Pick button, the app will generate the other numbers randomly but keep your “locked” numbers in the mix.

Press and hold a number ball until a lock icon appears. That number is locked!

So, for example, you could lock in lucky number 13 (a Jackpocket player favorite) for the Mega Ball, and let the app choose your other Mega Millions numbers randomly.

4. Have an irrational hatred of the number 4? You can block it out.

If there’s a number you really hate, tap and hold it in the grid until a little x appears. That number is now blocked and won’t get included in your random picks.

Tap and hold a number in the grid until a little x appears over it. That number is blocked!

5. Review your Quick Picks before you commit

Our Quick Pick is similar to what official lottery retailers offer in-store, but with a huge advantage: You get to see the numbers before you commit to your order.* At checkout, tap “Plays” to see all the numbers in your shopping cart. If you don’t like your numbers, you can clear them and Quick Pick again.

Tap “Plays” on your Order Summary to see all the numbers in your shopping cart.

*BTW, Jackpocket’s Quick Pick (our random number generator) has been evaluated by Gaming Laboratories International. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Which tip are you trying first? Happy picking!

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