Jackpocket sports sweepstakes

Jackpocket's 2022 Sports Sweepstakes Replay

Let's look back at some of the BEST sweepstakes moments of 2022 with our amazing sports partners.

2022 kept us plenty busy with a whopping 29 total sports sweepstakes with our team partners! 

Together we are able to give players and fans chances to win everything from branded swag and even tickets to awesome VIP experiences. To name a few: the chance to meet Chuck Morgan, longtime Texas Rangers public address announcer or to take a spin on the NJ Devils Fan Zamboni.

In 2022, we teamed up with 9 sports teams across the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and college athletics. (Check out all the Jackpocket sweepstakes we have on offer right here.) Now let’s hit replay - and celebrate some winners!


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