$1,000,000 won in 2019

Jackpocket Players Hit $1 Million in Winnings in 2019 (So Far!)

Let’s hear it for all our winners!

It’s not even summer, but Jackpocket sure is heating up. Our players have won over $1 million in lottery prizes so far in 2019. And we’re not even halfway through yet! ?

Winner Highlights

Big winners. Small winners. We want to say congrats to ALL our winners! And with 39 Jackpocket winners every hour, there are a lot of you. ?

  • Like Greg T. in Austin who won a $100 Powerball prize on his birthday (and celebrated with sushi and sake).

  • Or Tammy R. from McAllen, Texas, who told us she plans to pay off her credit card with her $10,000 Mega Millions winnings.

  • And the anonymous winner in Dallas, who won a $150,000 Powerball prize, just 12 days after we opened up the app to Texas players.

At Jackpocket, our mission is to make the lottery as fun, convenient, and responsible as possible. That’s why we’re glad to hear tales from our players who were able to avoid waiting in lines and even polar vortexes!

So, let’s hear it for all the winners!

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